Awesome Chocolate Chip Pancakes Around Town

Lately I’ve been on a breakfast binge, and we’ve gone out for eggs and chocolate pancakes a bunch of times in the last month.  Working from home makes it easy for me to do things like that, I can just grab the Ipad and off we go – with or without the kids!  In the last month, I’ve eaten breakfast all over town and here is  three places I thought had the best chocolate chip pancakes in Madison, what do you think?

Pancake Cafe – in Fitchburg and oh so awesome, two of us split the “half order” of chocolate chip pancakes and didn’t even eat half of it, in our defense we also split some eggs and bacon so we got full pretty fast.  This place is extremely good, with great service, and it’s in a new and clean location.  I hear that weekends are very crowded, but we went on a weekday morning and were seated immediately.

The Egg And I – equally good chocolate chip pancakes, and also very clean and new in a central Madison location off the beltline.  As a side note, some of the best egg dishes I’ve ever had here.

IHOP (the one on University Ave.) – I included the specific location here because not all Ihop locations are equal.  The spot on University Ave has some of the best pancakes in town, and takes the cake for my vote on the best chocolate chip pancakes in Madison.  Reason being, they actually used a chocolate batter in addition to melting in the chips.  Yum!

Do you know any great places in town to get chocolate chip pancakes? If so leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to venture out for a taste!


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