Visitors to the Madison area will find a plethora of choices in hotels, motels, and lodging options. From luxury suites downtown with a view, to economical choices in the part of town you want to be at, all options will be covered and explained in detail. Madison WI has bed and breakfast resorts, hotels near shopping, lakes, state st., and downtown on the capital square. Most places have indoor or outdoor pools and one west side hotel even has an indoor waterpark.

Our guide will help you decide where to stay when visiting the city, or even if just looking for a night away to celebrate a special occasion, our experts will use feedback from the community and our visitors to help recommend top choices in where to reserve rooms in the Madison Wisconsin area.

Madison WI has a wide range of hotels, suites, motels, and bed and breakfasts ranging in price, location, and amenities.  We recommend price shopping online when making reservations to stay on business or vacation in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Lodging is available with pools and waterparks, downtown on the square, and grouped near all shopping, entertainment, and business conference areas.  It probably goes without saying that some of Madisons finest dining options are also within or nearby area hotels and lodging options.

The Appeal Of Visiting

Madison has been a pioneer in various industries and with an aggressive Chamber of Commerce that strives to attract new tourism and conventions in Madison, hotels are abundant catering to tourists as well as those visiting from out of town on business trips.

Plenty Of Hotels To Choose From

These days, finding the right hotel is a lot easier on the web and since there are so many things to see and do in this burgeoning city, it really does make sense that it would be an attractive place to visit just to take it all in. From State Street’s bars and galleries to the scenic countryside that borders the metro area with dells and forests so picturesque they have to be seen to be believed, Madison has something for everyone.

Not only are hotels easy to find on the Web to make reservations and locate the perfect property to suit your travel needs, but there are also a number of tourism resources that will help match you up with the appropriate hotel that suites your needs.  The Madison Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get some great referrals to hotel properties.

Unique Places To Stay

Art and culture play a huge part in Madison life and a large portion of the reason for that is because this is home to the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin. This has led to a highly educated and culture savvy crowd of citizens who love to visit the art fairs, museums and galleries that are such an important part of the down town area. Madison hotels make an active effort to connect their guests with the various festivals that are going on in the city and even sometimes offer transportation to help their guests attend some of the great Madison functions.

Since big events like the annual Rhythm and Booms 4th of July spectacle bring in people from all over the United States, it is a good idea to check out whether Madison hotels have openings in advance because the population is growing so rapidly and even local guests make reservations at hotels during some of the more popular events.

Resting And Relaxing Here

Despite how busy Madison might sound, Madison is actually a very calm and charming city that is more typical of the Midwest in many ways. The mixture of high culture and down home charm has made this a very easy place to live and it regularly scores high on the list of places that people not only in the region, but from around the world would like to live. Taking a visit to Madison is a great way to really experience a fun time in a great environment.

Madison is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a relaxing time in a city that is not too busy, yet still with big city resources.  Connect with Madison hotels to begin planning your trip to Madison and ask your hotel of choice for resources on all the various things to do in this great city.