I have to say, I love a great hamburger. I’ve recently been trying to eat at various restaurants around town and find the best burger in Madison, WI. I’ve only tried a few places since deciding to keep track of who offers the best Madison bar burger, but so far Players bar and grill on Atwood avenue is kicking everyone elses tail! That is one seriously good hamburger folks, and I highly reccomend you give it a try.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and ask some fellow Madison-ites to help vote on the best Madison hamburger restaurant, so let’s get out and eat. I checked out Dotty’s Dumplings recently with a friend and while it was a very good cheeseburger (great fries and awesome service) I don’t think it will make our “best burger” list in Madison. I will however say I would happily take a date there, because the atmosphere is excellent and so is the beer selection.

Where Is The Best Burger In Madison?

What restaurant do you think is the best burger in Madison WI? Please comment below, I’ll try to eat anywhere that is reccomended. I have a few places I need to go eat at to see if anyone can knock Players burger off the top spot:

  • Players Sports Bar – Madison’s best burger hands down so far in my opinion!
  • Weary Traveler On Willy St. – I’ve eaten here before but it’s been a couple years now, I remember the burger being great so I need to go back and check it out again.
  • The Local (downtown) – Cheap burgers and beer on tuesday, not a great Madison burger and I doubt it will stay on my “best” list but for a buck it gets the job done.
  • Willy St. Pub – Haven’t eaten here yet, a friend says it’s good.
  • Great Dane – I ate a burger at the Fitchburg location on a pretzel bun, been a couple years since I’ve had one downtown. Remember it being very good, but I’ll go back soon to check it out.
  • Alt N’ Bachs – I’m planning on checking out the burger there this weekend, on reccomendation from a facebook friend.
  • Old Fashioned – not much to say about this place other than it’s awesome.

What other restaurants should I add to this list of the best places to get a burger in the Madison area? Feel free to add your opinions and reccomendations in the comment section found below, I will update the article to reflect your votes!