As an avid fan of steaks and basically all things beef, I thought I might put up a page with an introduction to finding the best steak houses in Madison WI.  Personally, I am a “filet guy” – that is, I like to order a Filet Mignon or some form of tenderloin at any steak house I go.  I’ve been lucky enough to eat in high end restaurants in various cities around the country, and Madison offers a fan of steaks a lot of choice and variety, here is my quick hit list of top restaurants for getting a steak in Madison Wisconsin:

Tornado Room – if you are fan of old gangster movies you will love this restaurant, the atmosphere is great for date nights and the steak is great.  Killer hashbrowns on the side and a huge onion ring served on top of your steak for added flavor.  In addition to great steaks in Madison, I also enjoy a great scotch – Tornado room is a great place for both.

As a side note, I had memorable dates here with my significant other early in our relationship.

Capital Chop House – I actually haven’t eaten here yet, have you? I’ve heard it’s great, not a true “local” restaurant but rather part of a midwestern chain of a handful of restaurants.  On my short list to try soon.

Ruth Chris – a nationwide favorite, usually located near airports and business districts Rush Chris to me is like old faithful, always good in any city around the country.  Better steaks are found elsewhere, but if traveling and nearby it’s a reliable choice.

Texas Road House – best bang for the buck, and a killer filet for around $15 that comes with two hefty side dishes, if you are hungry this is the place to go – suprisingly good and actually better than most steak houses priced much higher.  Salt helps with the taste here, and peanuts cover the floor – so go here to have a good time and a tall beer.

Madison WI has a ton more steak houses that deserve listing here, I’d love to go out and sample each and every one of them.  What is your favorite place to get a steak in the Madison area? Check back for updates coming soon on this page.