If you are looking for the best Pizza in Madison Wisconsin I have started to create a list of some of the different styles of pizza available in Madison Wisconsin, and where you can get them in the Madison area. I also mention some of my personal favorite pizza places around the city.

If you are an east coaster, you just have to think of the east coast pie in a separate category on its own. Should you be looking for a more local style pizza, These will serve you right. Just don’t start comparing them to New York style pizza or you may end up homesick and or depressed.

The best standard local pizza.

Glass Nickel Pizza: Okay, first lets look at the more standard Midwest pizza…we often get pizza from an undoubtedly a local favorite, The Glass Nickel. The “Nickel,” as most call it around here, has won quite a few “favorite” awards for best pizza. For the best local delivery in Madison, Wisconsin I’d personally say go for Glass Nickel. Glass Nickel also offers some tantalizing choices of specialty pizzas, including some that are not on the menu, feeling adventurous? (if you ask for what is not on the nenu, you might find the staff have all kinds different answers). they have one called “the professional” that I really like with pesto base and everything a margarita pizza has, with jalapenos on top-YUMMY! If this is what you like, you can have it delivered hot to your door, or eat and enjoy great local bands at the ‘Nickel on Atwood Ave- If you are on the road, bring your laundry, there is a laundry-mat next door. The Glass Nickel’s selection of pizza will be sure to satisfy selective Madison pizza eaters.

Roman Candle Pizza: There is also Madison fave, the Roman Candle. They are located Kitty Corner from Mother Fools Coffee Shop on Williamson. These guys serve great pizza in Madison’s eclectic “Willy Street” Neighbor Hood. If you sit outside on the sidewalk you will be sure to see a dynamic sample of Madisonians walking by. Great for a Sociology experiment while you wait for your pizza, he he! –Ye, be aware, when you ask for directions to get some of Madison’s best pizza from uptown or downtown, some may only refer to Williamson Street as “Willy Street.” They will always look at you oddly when you say “Williamson Street”…They will not steer you wrong.

Supreme Pizza and Extreme Pizza also deserve mention. Most pizza places in Madison offer something else as well, specialty appetizers, wings, salads, sandwiches, and both of these pizza makers make some really awesome dishes to side up with your pizza. I have eaten from both and I was not unhappy, but you can think what you want. Its coming from a guy that ate sand seasoned in the dessert for 6 months…One thing is for sure! I like having the freedom to eat pizza.

Best Deep Dish Pizza in Madison

Gino’s Pizza: When I want a Deep Dish Pizza in Madison, I would check out Gino’s on State Street who delivers, as well as Falbos Pizza. Between the two different places I go for deep dish pizza pie in Madison, for me to say which one is better- I have eaten both, and like both… yet, can not say I was disappointed any time I have eaten food from either one of them. These are two places I go to specifically because they serve the best deep dish pizza in Madison, and which one I order from is more about who I am with and where we are at, rather than because I feel one of them is better than the other.

Best “Coastie” Pizza

Variations of what people would consider “east coast” pizza can be found at Cafe Porta Alba by Hilldale Mall, Greenbush Bar on Regent street, or Pizza Di Roma Downtown on State Street, just to name a few.

Cafe Porta Alba: For when the “family” come into town, at Cafe Porta Alba you can find a truly Neapolitan-style pizza. Cafe Porta Alba serves an authentic “Neapolitan” Pizza that is officially recognized by the “Verace Pizza Napoletana” Association of Italy! They do not mess around. These folks serve a selection of delicious and authentic wood-fired pizzas, sure not to disappoint family from the “old country.”

Nautspil: You can also find a great wood-fired pizza, along with other great dishes, intimate dining, and night life at Nautspil on King street. Keep in mind, if all you have ever had is run of the mill American Pizza, this may or may not be your new favorite Best Madison Pizza.

Greenbush Bar: Another place that you can find good times, as well as enjoy a delicious wood fired pizza, is the Greenbush Bar on regent street. Don’t miss it, though. This place is tucked in the basement of the Italian Workman’s Club. You would probably not know it was there, unless someone told you. And, I’m telling you, for those who love authentic thin crust pizza, This pizza is going to come to your served just the way they make it in Italy. Fresh pizza made form fresh ingredients: dough, garlic, olive oil, everything–hand made and fresh… Truly incredible crunchy-yum pizza goodness. Though service can lag a bit, due to the “over-capacity” feel the place often gets but let’s not fool ourselves, it’s all about the pizza folks.

Greenbush Bar also carries an excellent beer selection to sip on while you wait patiently for that pie. Save your money for pizza and try the drink specials which will do wonders to satisfy your pizza budget! When friends come from the east coast– this is one of the places I would consider starting the evening at!

Pizza Di Roma: Friends from NY who live downtown have also said Pizza di Roma on State Street is the closest approximation to “east coast” style regular slice of pizza in Madison WI, dripping with cheese and pizza goodness. When I am downtown this is the place I go to late at night for pizza, and I also think this is my favorite late night, or anytime, pizza delivery. FYI I love their spinach and feta pizza! Personally, it is one of my faves. I also really love Di Roma since they deliver pizza ‘til when your grandparents are just getting up to wait for the paper (aka after bar time).

Ian’s Pizza: Another late night local specialty pizza eat in or take out, is Ians Pizza favorite is Ian’s pizza, home of the favorite “macaroni pizza” and other crazy combinations (I seriously saw asparagus pizza in there the other day). This is another pizza place in Madison that caters to the after bar crowd.

Corportations: I like the idea of keeping trade local; we have some die hard fans of the global chain corporate pizzarias. Of course in Madison we also have “go corporate” chain joints like Pizza Hut(bring your Marcus theater movie tickets for discounts), Papa Johns, and Little Caesars – we’ll make sure to update this list soon, in case some other trans-national conglomerate drops off another pizza chain.

As time goes on, we’ll make sure to update this list soon in case we hear of any new pizza that is hot in Madison! You can find most of these restaraunts by checking out www.campusfoods.com where you can also win points towards future orders and discounts

Contact us! We want to know what your favorite pizza in the Madison area is. and would be delighted to receive the lowdown from you about what you think is hot in Madison. One of my personal greasy favorites –Pizza Pit (because of the type of crust and the spicy sauce), which had its own sign language for saying “pizza pit” in my house, since my parents are deaf. All these places serve good pizza sure to satisfy hungry bellies.

Seriously though, What is your favorite pizza in the Madison area? Best College Pizza? Best business pizza? Best service for pizza? Let us know.