I’m a huge fan of a greasy breakfast, and actually pretty picky about where I eat, after all cooking hash browns properly are a talent very few restaurants have.  Personally I’m a fan of omelettes and eggs with meat, and honestly considering all the traveling I’ve done breakfast choices in Madison Wisconsin is a tough choice.  Unlike other dining options, where Madison is full of great options, I find that finding the best breakfast in Madison is a bit more difficult.  It’s been a few years since I’ve checked out most new places, but I personally find the restaurant choices below the best for breakfast:

  • Perkins – it’s a chain, but reliable.  Good breakfast in all choices whether you like pancakes, waffles, egg dishes, or biscuits and gravy.  I will always choose a local diner if possible, but Madison doesn’t have a lot of great choices for breakfast meals.
  • Dennys – same as Perkins, a chain with relatively reliable options.
  • Ihop – yet another chain, but awesome for pancakes and waffles.
  • The Pancake House – in Middleton, an awesome choice for any type of breakfast.

What is your favorite restaurant for breakfast in Madison WI? We’d like to know.  I plan to update this page in the very near future.